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It has been since 2010 since RockStar’ RedDead Redemption was released. This one was chosen because of all recent news of the sad, sad news of Red Dead Redemption 2’s delay. It seemed to be a good fit for one of our first Blast from the Past pieces.

This will just be a discussion on how my re-experience of jumping back into the old west went, the feel and how the sunsets still made me do a double take while galloping to my next objective.

At first, I was lost for what to do. Which was my own mistake, I didn’t start a new game and I was just thrown into my play through back when it became backward compatible.


It threw me in the middle of nowhere next to a campfire the sun rising in. Distance, my horse standing next to me, I got on the horse around a bit to regain the feel of the controls.

After a minute or two I got the feel and then I shot some rabbits…for skins not fun shifty eyes

I jumped into one of the missions I was near at the time.

Enough on that! I don’t want to go into story elements, though the few missions I did do(I have been he game years ago), felt great with the bizarre characters. Looking at you Seth.  The game has aged well, and it still really fun to play, things you can tell are frame rate drops and texture pop-ins as mmost openworld game have. There was a few times where. I would just get stuck on the railing or going down stairs look wonky.

Even after  being nearly 10 years since release, I can still feel good about recommending it to people if they haven’t played it yet.


Cody Becker

Cody Becker

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