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Jak and the Precursor Legacy is a game made by Naughty Dog in 2001 that features the titular character Jak (Who is a mute) going on a journey to transform his friend back into a human (or whatever race these guys are). You see, in the beginning of the game, Daxter fell into a vat of Dark Eco (more on that later) and was transformed into an ottsel, which is hybrid of an otter and a weasel. Jak needs all the help he can get, to stop the evil Gol and Maia from flooding the world with Dark Eco.  The game’s primary enemies are beasts called “Lurkers”, and features bosses the player will have to defeat.

The game is bright and very colorful and features hand to hand combat with a wide variety of moves. The game also features platforming that was very popular in that era of gaming, along with mini-games and puzzles to solve.

The game revolves around a substance called Eco and Precursor objects. Eco comes in many different forms. Green Eco restores your health, Blue Eco increases Jak’s speed as well as many other uses, such as attracting other orbs of Eco and breaking boxes and has a meter that monitors how much time you have left of the ability. I will admit, a full meter of Blue Eco is incredible fun, and makes you feel unstoppable. Blue Eco is a big part of the game and is featured in many of the game’s mechanics. Yellow Eco gives you the ability to shoot energy out of your hands and Red Eco increases the players’ damage. Dark Eco, which I mentioned earlier, is harmful to Jak and many others and is what transformed Daxter into an ottsel.

The Precursor objects are varied and the main object is the power cell, which powers up the machinery that takes you to new levels. This game is truly one of a kind, as you didn’t see many games of that generation with such deep systems and lore. This world feels lived in, and brings a sense of wonder, even 17 years later.

The graphics have that distinct fuzzy look that many early PS2 games had, but it is offset by the quality of color and the level of detail. Even so, the graphics do look very primitive compared to today’s games but surprisingly, it all holds up well on a Playstation 4 Pro and 4K Television, with no framerate issues. The camera, was a vast improvement over many games of that generation and gave me little to no issues when operating it, which is a big surprise.

Jak and the Precursor Legacy is a fun game for all ages and holds up well against any game of that generation, and even platforming games of this generation. I encourage everyone to give it a try. The game is now available on PlayStation 4.


Brandon Hamilton

Brandon Hamilton

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